Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I'm Also On SemiAccurate Now (and a bit about Apple)

The good folks over at SemiAccurate have invited me to contribute there, and I've accepted.

I'm certainly not going to abandon this blog, although I'll admit there hasn't been much activity here recently. But posts on some of the types of topics I've covered here will appear there, instead; the theory is that this way they reach a wider audience. Posts with topics that are too far from S|A's area, as well as any longer than they're comfortable with, will still appear here.

I've gone live there already. So, if you would like to better understand why Apple charges 30% of revenue to iPad app developers and subscription services, take a look over there - or, to be more exact, right here. The topic isn't my usual stomping ground, but that had nothing to do with S|A; it's something that just occurred to me while reading some things about Apple's shenanigans.

I guess I can now add "web journalist" to my vita. I wonder when I get a press card to tuck jauntily into my hat band?